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Beauty In The Difficult

So many times in our culture we opt for what is easy and comfortable or what ‘feels’ right. This isn’t always wrong, but friend, there is beauty in the difficult.

There is beauty in surrendering your own comforts and desires for the plan God has for you.

There is beauty in wanting to say “no” with every fiber in your being and turn to run, but saying “yes” and pushing forward instead.

There is beauty in a life that is uncomfortable and hard.

There is beauty in giving up the “perfect” life, family, plan, etc. that you had for yourself and giving in to a life that looks different than you ever imagined.

There is beauty in welcoming a child into your home who is hurting.

There is beauty in feeling every emotion under the sun everyday because you love the child in your home, yet hurt for their circumstances.

There is beauty in being a cheerleader to your child’s biological parent(s), because God designed families to be together.

There is beauty in being overwhelmed with the chance to love them, yet heartbroken that the opportunity is there in the first place.

There is beauty in foster care.

It’s difficult, yes

But there is beauty in the difficult.

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