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Best Activities For Young Kids In The Broken Bow Area Oklahoma

We recently took a family trip to Broken Bow, Oklahoma and had a wonderful time! If you have never been there, start planning your next vacation now! In preparation for the trip though, I had a hard time finding activities to do with young kids. Most posts either had lists of things to do with older kids, or had a list of the most pricey activities around. While we were open to spending some money, we definitely wanted to keep our costs as minimal as possible. So, I made a list for all of you! Here are the best activities for young kids in the Broken Bow area Oklahoma.

This article contains affiliate links. This means I have shared links to products I use and love and if you click on one and make a purchase, I may receive small compensation at absolutely no cost to you!

Beavers Bend Mining Company

This is a fun little place that has a couple different activities you can choose from. They have mining, a dinosaur exhibit, pirate playground, and mini golf. Admission is free to go to the mining company, but each activity costs something separate. For example, mining was $10, dinosaur exhibit was $10, pirates playground when purchased with another activity was $5.

We told our son, he could choose either the dinosaur exhibit or the morning and then would get to do the pirate playground along with whichever he chose. He chose to do the mining! When you pay to mine, you will be given the option to mine for gems, fossils, or arrowheads. My son chose fossils and had a great time!

Okie Girls Coffee & Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream?! When we go on vacation, we always try to find a fun ice cream spot to enjoy! Okie Girls was it! Lots of flavors, plenty of room in the shop, topping choices, plus yummy coffee if you are in need of a pick me up! I will warn you that the single scoop is more like a double so if you have young kids, sharing a single would be plenty!

Museum Of The Red River

This is a FREE museum located in Idabel, about 20 minutes from Broken Bow. There is a dinosaur exhibit and scheduled kids activities throughout the year. Unfortunately, we ran out of time on our trip to visit, but if we go back, we will stop here! If you wanted to do the dinosaur exhibit at the mining company, I would advise comparing this one beforehand, the mining company is $10/person for the dinosaur area (including adults) and the museum is free!

Beavers Bend Sate Park

We spent a lot of time at the state park. It is beautiful and has a lot to offer! There were a few spots we visited that were awesome for young kids! The cost to enter the park is $10 a day/vehicle.

Friends Trail

This is a beautiful trail that has some ups and downs, but was not too difficult for a four year old. Our two year old wanted to be carried quite a bit, but still enjoyed it! I would have brought our child carrying hiking backpack if I would have thought about it and it would have been perfect! We love this trail because it goes along the river so you can stop and get in to cool off when you need a break! It is a loop trail so there’s no getting lost. Just make sure you wear something you don’t mind getting wet in! Fair warning, the water is pretty cold, has a bit of a shock factor, but after a couple seconds your body gets used to it and it feels SO good!

Cole’s Hole

This was our absolute favorite spot! So beautiful and fun for kids of all ages! There are very shallow spots, so young kids can get in and play in the water and there is a a little stream with slow “rapids” that you can bring a tube and ride down! I would suggest bringing a pop up tent for shade because there isn’t a whole lot of that, but we were having so much fun that we didn’t care! The water is cold here as well, but not as cold as the river along friends trail.

Swim Beach Area

The swim beach area was a fun spot to play for kids of all ages as well! There is a gradual entry so there is plenty of shallow water for younger kids, and it gets deeper so older kids have the opportunity to play! We brought our picnic blanket (If you don’t have one of these, you need one!!) and cooler backpack and set up a spot in the shaded grass. It was fun and relaxing! We got there about 9:45 am and were the only people there for a while, but it does start to fill up throughout the day. This is a good spot to bring buckets, shovels, other water toys. All we had were some Tupperware, but my kids still had a blast finding rocks and dumping water. My son even found an arrowhead!

So, now you have my list of the best activities for young kids in the Broken Bow area Oklahoma. What are you going to try? If you have been, what did your family enjoy doing?

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    1. I’ve never been to Oklahoma, but what I got from reading this blog post is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a great time with your kids while on vacation.

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