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Best Christian Homeschool curriculum for 3 and 4 year olds

When my son was three, we decided to try doing a little homeschooling during our day. I was home with him anyway, it gave us something to do, and he loves learning new things so why not right? We loved it so much that we are ready for year 2! I searched and searched to find programs that are flexible, gospel centered, and fun! I wanted to make sure he was learning something, but my main focus wasn’t on learning the ABC’s and 123’s, but rather life skills and Bible knowledge. Enter the best Christian homeschool curriculum for 3 and 4 year olds (in my opinion)!! 

This article contains affiliate links. This means I have shared links to products I use and love and if you click on one and make a purchase, I may receive small compensation at absolutely no cost to you!

God’s Little Explorers

Cost: $22

What I love about it: it is inexpensive, gospel centered, and fun! This comes as a pdf download, so you get it right away! If you want a print version, I recommend printing it at your local FedEx or print shop then putting it in a binder for easy access. My son absolutely loved the fun, hands on activities and I loved that he was learning without realizing it! Each week and day is mapped out for you so there’s little to no lesson planning and there are additional ideas in the margins. You can pick and choose what you want to do and make it fit your schedule!

It is a four day a week program so there is flexibility in your schedule. We would typically take Fridays off and try to go on a field trip if possible! We would only spend 30 minutes-an hour a day doing this which is plenty of time for a 3-4 year old. While we weren’t actively doing “school” the rest of the day, we would talk about what we were learning as we went about our everyday tasks. 

My Fathers World-Voyage of Discovery 

Cost: $248 (right now, prices vary based on sales, etc.) 

What I love about it: similarly to God’s Little Explorers, this program is gospel centered, flexible, and fun! Within each week there is a memory verse that is applicable to what they are learning. This curriculum also teaches character traits, which is a big one for me! Above my child having basic school knowledge, I hope that he is kind, loving, gentle, hard working, compassionate, etc. This program is a 5 day a week program and takes about an hour each day to complete. It is also flexible in that if you wanted to have a 4 day program you could just pick and choose what you want to do or spread the Friday lesson around to the other days.

I love that this curriculum also includes hands on science exploration. Each week and day is planned out to the T. On the lesson plans, it literally has everything planned out for you, even what they want you to say is spelled out for you. If you can read, you can teach this curriculum!! This program does have a little bit more “work sheets” but they are not unreasonable for a 4 year old. They are actually quite fun! And while this program is pretty pricey, it is so easy to use, very in depth, and is very gospel centered! My Father’s World also has curriculum for kids through high school graduation! When I purchased the preschool set, I added an additional student workbook so that I can reuse everything for my daughter! If you choose this curriculum, feel free to use my referral code at checkout: W112559

The Good and The Beautiful 

Cost: $48.97

What I love about it: I have not used this curriculum, but I have plenty of friends who have and love it! I love the simplicity that this program holds. The materials are simple, beautiful, and kid friendly. You can pick and choose which subjects you want to work on with your kids, it is gospel centered, and they have lots of extras to help you teach and keep your kids engaged. Some of the extras include bedtime songs, poetry, quiet time songs, videos, etc. The site also includes several freebies to help you get the most out of your homeschooling experience. The Good and the Beautiful also has curriculum for students through high school! 


Cost: Varies based on which products you buy, if you bought them all, about $280

What I love about it: Abeka is not a curriculum I have used as a parent, but my mom used it to homeschool me when I was young. I love how seriously it takes the learning experience. It may be a little too rigid for my taste for a preschooler, but for older students it is great. I was homeschooled in the first grade using Abeka and I was well ahead of everyone in my class when I went to school in second grade. We’re talking I was tutoring other second grade students in my class and asking my teachers for extra work kind of advanced! I do love that the preschool curriculum includes gospel centrality and the parent lesson plans are easy to follow. Abeka would be a great choice if you are looking for a more structured homeschool curriculum!

Create Your Own

Of course, there is always the option to create your own curriculum. You could pull from several different curricula listed, or follow blogs and accounts like Elly Elementary or Motherhood On A Dime (the author of God’s Little Explorers). By following accounts like these, you will gain access to hundreds of ideas that you can try with your preschooler! You could also use programs like MEL Science and get a monthly science experiment sent right to your door! Fun and learning all wrapped into one box! There is no right way to homeschool, only what is right for your kids and family.

Now you know my list of the best christian homeschool curriculum for 3 and 4 year olds, what curriculum have you used and loved?

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13 thoughts on “Best Christian Homeschool curriculum for 3 and 4 year olds”

  1. So helpful for people just starting out! Choosing curriculum can be so intimidating, I spent hours comparing all of them. A list like this would have been helpful and I’m sure will help others!

  2. Just what I was looking for. My toddler is turning 2 in a couple of months and I have been raking my brain for where to get an appropriate curriculum for her. Am thinking of making my own though but also borrow ideas from the ones you have listed here. I want to make one since most of the ones I’m seeing online are mostly for 3+ years. Thank you for the post am going to stop my rambling now

  3. I had the same experience with Abeka as a child! I learned under the Abeka curriculum for the first few years of private elementary school and then when I went to public school I remember being surprised at how ‘behind’ everyone else was even though it was supposed to be a school for ‘gifted’ students. If I ever homeschool a child, I’d definitely at least give Abeka a try to see if it still holds up.

  4. Lots of beautiful and interesting curriculum choices for preschoolers – lots more than when my children were those ages. Thanks for posting this to make it easier for people to choose curriculum for their children.

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