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Check out the two children’s books I have authored available on Amazon!

  1. Old Glory Tells a Story

I wrote this book when I was in high school for an essay competition. Fun fact, I got first place in the competition! For years my mom encouraged me to turn it into a children’s book, but I wasn’t sure how to make it happen. After several years and learning how to create a book (I promise it is simpler than you think), I finally did it!

This book takes the reader on a journey through time from the perspective of the American flag, “Old Glory.” It makes history fun and interesting for children! Follow along as old glory moves through the years from battlefields to the moon, it’s one big adventure!! Great for classrooms, flag days, history teachers, homeschool families, history lovers, or anyone who likes a good kids book! This book can be found here!

2. Why Are We A Foster Family?

I wrote this book because I have had such a hard time finding books on foster care. My son LOVES reading the couple books we do have because they are so relatable to his life. Unfortunately there’s just not enough of them out there. So, I made my own! It was fun to create and has been even more fun to read with my kids!

Why Are We A Foster Family walks the reader through some big questions asked from the perspective of a biological child who’s family fosters. The aim of this book is to create open dialogue with your child(ren) about foster care and all the feelings associated with being a foster family. I hope to help children gain emotional intelligence through talking about this book with their parents. You can find this book on Amazon or linked here!

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