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Faith Based Children’s Books For The Anxious Child

If you have a child that struggles with anxiety, you know how difficult it can be to find ways to help them cope. You may have tried breathing techniques and calming methods or maybe read some parenting books on how to help them. Those are all wonderful ways to help your children, but I have found that children’s books can be more effective than me reading a book and trying to implement what I have learned. When you use a children’s book, your child plays a part in learning how to deal with their struggles. I have seen great results, so I would love to share my list of my favorite faith based children’s books for the anxious child.

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1.Count Yourself Calm

Count Yourself Calm by Eliza Huie is a wonderful book that teaches the counting down technique. It prompts your child to breathe deeply and begin counting down while naming things that point to God and His goodness. This is a wonderful book to read together and practice, its methods for when the next anxiety episode comes. In doing this, your child will know what to do when they begin to feel overwhelmed, and since you read it together, you can help them through it!

2.God Cares How I Feel

This book is a great option for young children. It is a board book that discusses emotions. Created by The Daily Grace Co., it describes how God created ALL parts of us, and ALL parts of us are good, even our hard emotions. This book helps younger children gain the ability to recognize emotions, therefore allowing them to talk about them with you. When your child begins to feel anxious, having this foundation is so helpful! You can use this link for $5 off!

3.Anxious For Nothing

Anxious For Nothing by Max Lucado is a great book for your older child. It doesn’t have many pictures and it longer, but the content is so wonderful! Within the pages are application questions, journal prompts, and activities for further understanding. If you have a preteen who struggles with anxiety, this is a must read!

4.Your Brave Song

Your Brave Song by Ann Voskamp encourages kids to find their strength and bravery in the Lord. It reminds that no matter what comes, we have assurance in Christ Jesus. It also encourages the reader to share this news and bravery with the world! The pictures are beautiful, you will love reading along with your kids!

5.Quinn’s Promise Rock

Quinn’s Promise Rock by Christie Thomas helps kids understand the promises of God. No matter where they go or what they do, God will never leave them. It is a sweet story of a little owl and his dad. Little Quinn is curious about a lot of things, and his dad is eager to answer his questions. Great book for little curious minds!

Want more children’s book recommendations? Find some here! What other books do you read with your child to help them in their battle with anxiety?

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  1. Excellent list of books to calm as child’s anxiety. It is so important to address anxiety at an early age – thanks for sharing.

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