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Farm Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Do your kids love animals, being outside, and all things farm? Mine sure do, so we channeled that love into a farm theme birthday party for them this year! Both of my kids were born in the same month, two years apart, so while they aren’t picky about their birthday party yet, we have one party for both of them! It is difficult to find party themes that both kids will enjoy and that is gender neutral, but while they are both into farms, I decided to jump right on this opportunity! So, here are my farm theme birthday party ideas!!

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Pick Your Location

Before you begin planning anything else, decide where you want the party to be! In your backyard, at a park, at a local farm, maybe even inside an event venue! We are super lucky because we have family members who live on a farm so we used their property, complete with a red barn, for the party!

Decide On Aesthetic

There are a couple different routes you can take within the farm theme. There are the super vibrant, bright colored decorations, more muted varieties, and even some that are more focused on a certain animal. I looked through several different options, but finally settled on the cutest set from Meri Meri! These sets are so simple yet completely adorable, and I absolutely fell in love with the little pig plates!! I mean come. On. How stinking cute is that plate?! We also got the tractor and farm theme napkins which were equally as adorable!

Gather The Necessities

I mentioned a couple necessities previously, the napkins and plates, but there are a few more that I grabbed. The contrast look of the yellow gingham table cloth with the other farm stuff was so dreamy, so I got a few of those for the tables. I also picked up some red forks, plates, and cups. While the pig plates were adorable, they were slightly on the smaller side, so I grabbed some plain red plates for the dads who may have wanted a little more food! Since the party was held outside, I didn’t get too many decorations, but I did borrow a happy birthday banner and these ‘TWO’ letters from my mom.

Planning The Food

It was important to me to keep things simple. Just a few finger foods (plus cake) were all we needed for this morning party! The food included a pig pen (pigs in a blanket), fish pond (bowl of goldfish), plus fruit and cheese! We chose foods young kids would like and adults wouldn’t mind eating either! Plus then the only cutlery we needed was the forks for the cake! Additionally, we served lemonade and water to drink. We also used these super cool netted table tents to keep the bugs out of the food, they were very effective!

Come Up With The Activities

Now for the fun part! What will everyone do at the party? I am a big fan of letting the kids play independently for most of the time, but I did throw in a piñata (with some adorable farm theme goody bags) and scavenger hunt for fun!

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We had several things set up throughout the duration of the party so the kids could play how they pleased! Activities included a water table, sand box with farm animals, small slide, and a couple riding toys.


What your child will remember most about their parties isn’t the decorations, activities, or even the food. What they will remember is how much fun they had and how loved they are by their friends and family! So take a deep breath, slow down, and join in on the fun!

What farm theme birthday party ideas do you have?!

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  1. Absolutely love your ideas. I have three small boys so this is definitely helpful. With three kids you run out of theme ideas lol. And god forbid we use the same theme for their siblings lol. Thank u!

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