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Foster Care Is A FAMILY Ministry

image is a digital drawing of a family of six.

Foster care is a family ministry

Have you ever considered becoming a foster parent, but weren’t sure what that would look like for your biological children? If you are a foster parent, do you worry about the effects that foster care has on your biological children? If you’re anything like us, the answer is ALL the time.

The truth is, foster care is a family ministry. Every person in the family gives, sacrifices, and loves so that a child can be safe, loved, and cared for. Yes, it’s hard on the whole family, in a way, everyone takes a hit. Our children have to share their parent’s time, love, and affection. They have to share their toys, food, and home; endure tantrums and trauma behavior that they would normally not be exposed to. They give and give daily. BUT, how sweet it is to watch our young kids make decisions that put others first. What a blessing it is to witness our children give love without hesitation or limits.

The lessons that are learned and the experiences taking place in our home make the sacrifices all the more fruitful and worth it. God never promised that life with Him would be easy or comfortable, but He does promise-and even deeply desires-to walk with us through it all. We are continually learning and growing and changing and adapting, but how beautiful it is to be on mission together daily as a family-our kids included.

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