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Head vs. Heart

Head vs. Heart

“I thought foster sister was going to come back home, I miss her.”
I miss her too bud. Do you remember where she is now?
“With her other mommy because her other mommy is healthy now!”

conversation with our three year old

Have you ever lived in a space where your head and heart are going in different directions?

It’s a place where your head knows what is good and right but your heart longs for things to be different. Your heart breaks while your head rejoices and you live in constant tension with yourself.

This concept is tough for adults to handle, but can you imagine being three and trying to figure this out? We are constantly blown away at the goodness of God and the ways He guides and guards our children’s hearts. I know they hurt and are confused about a lot. But at three years old, I can see the Lord working and filling in the gaps where we as parents fall short. I can see His provision through the hurt of my son. His goodness overflows time and time again and what a blessing it is to witness it.

Catching Up

While my heart is finally starting to catch up with my brain, a little piece of it will always still hurt. I am sure it will be the same for my son. But, we have slowly begun to realize that maybe the head vs. heart battle more of a tandem. Our heads and hearts can actually hold hands with each other and run hard toward our sweet Savior. How wonderful and comforting it is to have a loving Father who gently carries and cares for that little piece of our hurting hearts for us. He is the sole reason we are able to say “yes” to that same hurt again and again.

If your number one reason for not stepping into foster care is fear of yourself or your kids getting too attached, I would strongly suggest that you are the exact family who should step up and do it. Step out in faith and watch the Lord guide and care for your family in ways you never thought possible.💙

Image is of two young children hugging each other

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