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Let Your Fear Be Your Fire

Let your fear be your fire

When people ask us why we started fostering, one of our go-to answers is “Because we were terrified to do it.”
As the Lord started making it known that He wanted us to become foster parents, we answered by making known to Him all the reasons that we were not the right choice.

“We are too young/don’t have enough parenting experience.”
~Just start with young children, I will stand in the gap.~

“Our house is too small, how can we fit another person?”
~That is called selfishness, you can make room.~

“What will happen to our biological child(ren)?”
~They will learn what loving unconditionally means and will see what it is to love and give sacrificially daily.~

“I had a perfect vision of what my family is supposed to look like, and this was not part of it.”
~My vision for your family is so much greater and exponentially more beautiful, trust me.~

“What if we bring in a child who is dangerous?”
~Do you not trust me? I will not forsake you. Your fears are from the enemy.~

And so on and so forth, over and over, even still these fears and more arise.

But. God. SO rich in mercy, reorients our hearts and minds to recognize that the enemy’s voice carries no weight. The Lord has faithfully burned through our fear and turned it into a fiery passion to bring His love to His hurting children.

So, what are you afraid of? Let your fear be your fire 🔥

Learn more about our why behind our foster journey! Are you a foster family? Check out our top 4 children’s foster care books!

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