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Never Meant To Walk This Road Alone

As foster parents we are faced with challenging days, sleepless nights, loads of paperwork, and an assortment of traumas, behaviors, and broken stories to carry. It’s tough to shoulder the weight of a broken family and hurting child, exhausting even-but the Lord always provides.We were never meant to walk this road alone. We could not walk this road without our village.

We were created to dwell in community and we have been blessed beyond measure with ours. But we want to recognize the challenge it is to be the village for a foster family. We know it’s tough, always changing, and causes heartbreak. The people closest to us get too attached to our kids too. They love our kids hard, pray for them, invest in them, care for them, and miss them when they’re gone. Being the village for a foster family hurts, but it is so important and so appreciated.

If you’re not a foster parent but have felt the tug on your heart to do something, find a foster family and be their village. Bring a meal, get certified to babysit, love hard, pray harder, invest in their kids. Yes, it may hurt, but sharing the burden is what we’re created to do.

Foster families could not exist without a community of people surrounding them. We could not exist without our village. We were never meant to walk this road alone.

Not everyone is called to be a foster family, but everyone can play a part in the healing of a child and restoration of a family.

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