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Number One Summer Activity For Kids

It’s Summer!! The sun is warm, the grass is green, the swimming pools are open, and your kids are home for the Summer! I hope you are excited to spend more time with your kids while they are home from school. The days can be filled with so many fun things from camps to vacations! BUT, I think we all know that there comes a point when our kids say those two little words…”I’m bored”. Well, have no fear!! I am here to share my number one Summer activity for kids of all ages that is fun, exciting, and a hands on learning experience!!

This article contains affiliate links. This means I have shared links to products I use and love and if you click on one and make a purchase, I may receive small compensation at absolutely no cost to you!

Allow me introduce you to MEL Science!!

Mel science is an amazing subscription program that will send you a box each month containing a hands on activity. These boxes are focused mainly on science, math, STEM, and even medical for older kids! Imagine the excitement of receiving a new experiment type activity EVERY month!!


MEL Science has opened up a super great opportunity for the Summer only! Now you can get SIX boxes all at once. That’s right, SIX boxes of MEL Science goodness all at one time. This way you can spread it out all Summer, take it on vacation, or just have a fun filled science day and do it all at once!

And just because I appreciate you, here is a discount!! SIX months plus a discount?! How could you say no!

Use promo code SUMMER to get 15% off for your summer bundle

Check out what MEL has to say

When it comes to summer fun and educational enrichment, MEL Science has once again outdone themselves with their captivating summer specials. Designed to ignite curiosity, foster exploration, and provide endless entertainment. These exclusive experiments are set to make this summer an unforgettable learning experience for kids of all ages. Let’s dive into the world of MEL Science summer specials and explore the exciting experiments that await!

What The Summer Bundle Includes


Get your little scientists together and prepare to embark on a microscopic journey like never before! With the Microscope experiment, children will delve into the hidden world of cells, organisms, and tiny structures that exist all around us. Witness the magic of magnification as young scientists uncover the wonders of the microscopic universe. This hands-on experience will leave kids amazed and inspired by the intricate details of the world we often overlook.

 Alternative Energy:

Introduce your kids to the fascinating realm of alternative energy sources. Through engaging experiments, they will discover the power of renewable resources and gain a deeper understanding of sustainable practices. From harnessing the energy of the sun to exploring wind power and more, this experiment will inspire a sense of environmental consciousness and spark a passion for innovative solutions.

 Explorer’s Math:

Who said math can’t be adventurous? Explorer’s Math combines the thrill of exploration with mathematical concepts. Kids will embark on exciting quests, solve puzzles, and apply mathematical principles to conquer challenges along the way. This experiment not only enhances mathematical skills but also cultivates critical thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning in a fun and immersive manner.


Unleash your child’s creativity with the Cyanotype experiment. Inspired by the art of blueprinting, this hands-on activity allows children to create stunning, sun-powered prints using a photosensitive solution. From capturing nature’s beauty to designing unique patterns, the Cyanotype experiment offers a unique blend of science and art, encouraging self-expression and imagination.

 Water Recovery:

In a world where water conservation is crucial, the Water Recovery experiment teaches children the importance of preserving and recycling this precious resource. Through engaging hands-on activities, kids will explore methods of water filtration, purification, and conservation. This experiment not only instills responsible habits, but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the environment and the need for sustainable water management.


Take to the skies with the Aircraft experiment! Young engineers will embark on an exciting journey to understand the principles of flight. From constructing paper airplanes to designing and launching their very own gliders, children will explore the fascinating world of aerodynamics and gain hands-on experience in engineering and physics.

Why Choose MEL?

MEL Science summer specials have truly redefined summer learning and entertainment. The combination of hands-on experiments, educational content, and captivating themes ensures that children are engaged, excited, and eager to explore the wonders of science and beyond. Whether it’s peering into the microscopic world or unlocking the secrets of alternative energy, these summer specials promise an enriching experience that will leave lasting memories and inspire a lifelong love for learning. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable summer adventure with MEL Science!

Now you know why MEL Science is my number one Summer activity for kids! I hope you try it out! Your kids (and their science teachers) will thank you!

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10 thoughts on “Number One Summer Activity For Kids”

  1. Oh my gosh, this looks perfect to keep the kiddos from getting bored this summer! Thank you so much for sharing this and an amazing discount!

  2. MEL Science summer specials sound like the perfect solution to the “I’m bored” statement from the kids! What a fun way to explore and have fun with the exciting experiments! Great idea for parents!

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