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Number One Tip For Beautiful Kids Rooms

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On A Budget!!

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image is of a beautiful child’s room featuring a table and chairs with three pictures above them.

Number one tip for beautiful kids rooms on a budget!!

We have all seen them-the perfect, clean, beautiful, instagram worthy kids room. Aesthetically pleasing, all wood toys, no bright colors. The kind of room that looks more like a spa than an actual child’s room.

As a mom of two bios and differing number of foster children, I marvel at these always clean, always beautiful rooms and wonder how in the world do rooms like this exist?

The reality is, they don’t, at least not in the way I think they do. Sure, they look nice on instagram but that is a freeze frame moment in time. I’m sure if you were to see the full picture there would at least be laundry piled in a corner, a diaper bunched up on a dresser, or at least a couple toys strung across the ground.

Nobody has it all together! Because we are living in a world of social media, it is difficult to forget that sometimes- but it is reality!

My kid’s rooms are nowhere near beautiful, aesthetic, or completely clean-and that is perfectly fine. They are kids making memories, having fun, and demanding 10,000 stuffed animals be on their beds at all times! (anyone else?!)

BUT, since I said I would share my number one tip for beautiful kids rooms on a budget, here it is….

FREE printables!! Y’all, I’m telling you do not sleep on free printables! They are a GAME CHANGER! Get yourself a cheap picture frame (only $27.99 for FOUR!) or these cute magnetic poster hangers (only $7.99 for TWO!) and download a free printable.

image displays magnetic poster hangers from Amazon

Wahlah! You have adorable, CHEAP room decorations for your kids room! And the best part is – you can change them out at no cost when you get tired of looking at them!

You can find free printables by doing a quick google search, or by joining the Heart + Home community! It is completely free to join and Free printables are just my way to say thank you for being a part of Heart + Home. When you join the community, all you’re doing is signing up for an email about once a week that has tips/tricks/and freebies. No reason not to right?? Join the community and download some cute, FREE printables for your child’s room today!

Let me know if you try this tip! How do you decorate your child’s room on a budget?

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