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image is a sunset on a lake


“Look at that sunset! Isn’t it pretty?”

“Yes, it is beautiful! Do you know who made the sunset?
That’s right! What else did God make?
“Me, my friends, my family, *foster sister*, and her other mommy!”

A conversation with our two year old

That’s right bud! God made everyone and loves everyone and that’s why we took care of foster sister. Because God loves her and her mommy, we love her and her mommy too!

It’s a beautiful thing when your two year old son begins to understand God’s love. There are lots of things that are hard about being a foster sibling. In many ways we feel we are failing our bio children, and to be honest, we do fail them daily, in more ways than one. But How sweet it is to be a part of loving another who you may never see again, to give your heart over to them with no expectations in return. Living to try to pursue a sacrificial life is difficult, but I think it is the best lesson we can teach our kids.

Praise God that He stands in the gap and loves them so well. We are forever grateful that He is the perfect Father who is abounding in love and grace. How comforting it is that we are not doing this parenting thing on our own. Praise God that He shows and teaches our kids what real, sacrificial love is. Praise God for Sunsets.🌅

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