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Toddler Hairstyles For Thin Short Hair

I don’t know about you, but doing my toddler’s hair can be a point of frustration! My sweet little wiggly girl doesn’t always like me touching her hair-so if I go into it without a plan, it does. Not. Go. Well. Lucky for you I have created a guide of my favorite toddler hairstyles for thin short hair!

My daughter has very thin, fine, shoulder length hair. It is constantly falling in her face, getting stuck to her boogers in her nose (🤢), or getting in her way if I don’t fix it  in a way that pulls it up out of her eyes. While getting her hair cut with bangs may solve that problem, we are on a journey to grow her hair out a bit so I don’t want to turn to that right now!

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Preparing for action

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need in arms reach! There’s nothing worse than starting a do and having to drop it and start over because you forgot a hair tie or the comb you need!

Some must haves for my little girl are these hair bands from Amazon, this conditioner spray for days when we’re extra tangled, and this water mister for when I need to gently wet her hair! Of course, I usually like to add in a little pizzaz at the end in the form of a bow or cute clip!

Set Your Little One Up For Success

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to get your little one situated! I have found that setting my girl up with her breakfast at the table helps a lot. If you can put them in their high chair or booster they will be at a good height and unable to get up and walk away! At our house there is a big window next to our table so I always open up the blinds and ask her where the trash truck is. My girl LOVES the garbage truck so even if it’s not our day for trash pick up, all I have to do is ask her where the trash truck is if she gets wiggly and she will get still for at least a second!

Let’s Get Down To Business

Now that you have everything you need and your little one is situated, let’s get into it! My top toddler hairstyles for thin short hair:

1 The tip top pony

Starting out easy, take the top section of her hair, brush it into a pony tail, use a hair tie to hold it in place and add a bow if you want!

2 The French twist ‘n clip

Rather than just pulling the front section of her hair to the side with a clip, I like to do a French twist. It ensures that it will last a little bit longer and looks adorable!

To do this style, pick up a small section of hair in the front and twist it around your finger. Then add another section and twist it around your finger in the same direction as before. Continue adding new sections until it looks the way you want it to and add a clip to hold it in place!

3 The 1-2-3 bow on me!

For this look all you need is three hair ties and a bow to top it off (optional)! Take a small section in the front and brush it into a pony tail. Move that pony tail out of the way and pick up another section. Brush the second section into a ponytail and add the first section before you put the hair tie in. Repeat this one more time, then add a bow if you wish!

4 The Triple Topsy Tail

This style is basically the same as the style above, but there’s one extra step! After each ponytail, flip the ponytail up and pull it down through the hair you just brushed into the pony. This style has a little bit of a messier look and gives a little volume! Of course you can always add a bow at the end if you want!

5 The Double Piggy Buns

For this style, divide the top portion of your daughter’s hair into two sections. I use a comb like this to help get a decently even part! Then brush one of the sections into a pony tail. Repeatedly pull the pony tail through the hair tie until it is tight, then pull through one last time, but this time don’t pull it all the way out. Repeat on the second section then fluff the little buns and add bows if you want!

What hair styles do you like to do on your toddler? Are you going to try ant of these?

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16 thoughts on “Toddler Hairstyles For Thin Short Hair”

  1. I love these! My youngest daughter is 6 and her hair is finally getting longer, but she still squirms and needs cute little styles to keep her hair out of her face. I’m going to have to try a couple of these on her this summer. Thanks!

  2. These are such cute styles! Definitely putting her on the high chair helps. I just turn on her favourite show so she’s focused and keeps her head straight:)

  3. So cute! Wish my daughter let me do her hair, she’s got a very sensitive head. The only hairstyle she’ll let me do is a half pony tail, and occasionally a headband.

  4. Such cute hair styles! Yes, it’s really a challenge to style thin and fine hair, so I’m amazed that you found these lovely styles. Thank you for sharing!

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