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Top 3 Summer Activities To Beat The Heat

Summer is here and it. is. HOT!! With highs in the 110’s (Fahrenheit) here in Texas, I have been on the hunt for the top 3 Summer activities to beat the heat! My kids and I love being outside, which is great in the mornings, but I had to find them other things to do throughout the day. So, I would love to share what we have been loving with you!

This article contains affiliate links. This means I have shared links to products I use and love and if you click on one and make a purchase, I may receive small compensation at absolutely no cost to you!

1.Color Wonder Magic Light Brush is the coolest thing ever! I am just as fascinated by it as my kids are! It provides so much fun and creativity, my kids will do this for hours. PLUS, it is mess free!! If you have little ones that love to paint or color, they need this!! It is so fun, it even occupied me for a while!!

2.Reusable Magnetic Water Balloons I am obsessed with these and so are my kids!! Literally hours of fun and they keep your kids cool just by playing! Fun for water balloon fights, water play, throw them against a wall and watch the splash, practice motor skills when you refill them. So much fun!! All you have to do is open them, bring it under water and close it, then throw! While these are a bit pricey for water balloons, you buy them one time and have hours of play for Summers to come! Plus it helps the environment and there are no pesky balloon pieces to clean up after! If you are looking for more water related ideas, check out this post from This Fathers Perspective’s blog 10 refreshing fun water activities for families!

3. MEL Science Kits are amazing!! These are monthly STEM boxes that not only keep your child busy, but actually teach them about math, science, etc. and the kids don’t even realize they are learning! My son made a spring loaded race car, learned about friction, and then had a fun toy to play with whenever he wants to! These can also be on the pricey side, BUT they are having awesome deals this Summer (2023)! Code SAVE50 will give you 50% off your first box and code YEAR50 will give you 50% off your boxes for an entire year!! Your kids will love this and so will you!! Find out more about MEL Science kits here!

Now you have some ammunition to stay cool and have fun doing it!! Which of these top 3 Summer activities to beat the heat are you going to try first? What other ways do you have fun during the hot Summer months? Are you a blogger? Or maybe just looking for other Summer ideas? Check out Copy Girl Writes’ article on Summer Blog Post Ideas for some inspiration!

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43 thoughts on “Top 3 Summer Activities To Beat The Heat”

  1. Holly at Twenty One Dandelions

    Those water balloons! May need to get those. My kids are a little older now but water balloons are fun for all ages!

  2. These are great ideas! I’ve been very curious about the reusable water balloons…I might just have to get some soon. We’re in North Carolina, and the heat is horrible! Most of our outside days are spent in water.

  3. The mess-free paint toy sounds perfect, my 4yo daughter loves to paint but it usually ends with me having to put her in a bath and spending 15 minutes scrubbing her and my floor and furniture 😏

  4. Reusable water balloons!? This sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing these great ideas! I will be using these this summer with my kids.

  5. These are great ideas, it’s hot here in California as well! Definitely going to get my daughter some of those reusable water balloons!

  6. These are amazing summertime activities for little ones! I would love the grab mess-free color wonder magic light brush – looks like so much fun with no mess!

  7. I found this article just in time for the heat wave we are experiencing. Some great ideas for beating the heat – and the reusable water balloons are perfect (plus I won’t have to spend an hour picking up balloon pieces after the kids have their water fight!)

  8. Great activity suggestions! The spring loaded race car sounds both fun and educational. It’s so cool to learn about friction and still have a fun toy!

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