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Why Every SAHM Should Start A Blog

(and how!)

Why Every SAHM Should Start A Blog (and how!)

You’re a stay at home mom right? You spend your days caring for someone else (or multiple someone else’s) and have verrryyy little time for YOU.

You love your precious children with your whole entire being, yet you hurt for some alone time-something that will make you feel like your own person again!

Introducing blogging!! Starting a blog may seem silly, difficult, or weird to you but hear me out!! I want to share my top reasons for why every stay at home mom should start a blog (and I will even tell you how to do it!!)

It Produces Community

There is something about being able to write about whatever you want and posting it on the internet for complete strangers to read. It creates a community and connectedness in ways you may not even think!

Most moms who stay at home are, at some point, lonely. Starving for adult conversation, yet not able to make those connections due to always having a child on their hip or pulling at their pant leg. Those days are done!! While blogging will never take the place of face to face interaction, you still get some of that connection piece most moms are missing! Even if nobody reads your blog but your mom and grandma, writing your thoughts down and posting them just makes you feel more connected to the world!

It Is A Cheap Hobby

Blogging is a very inexpensive hobby! You can sign up to use a blogging site like WordPress or

Squarespace for free. If you want to have your own site, you can use a hosting site to create your own website by using a program like Hostinger! When you use a hosting site there is a monthly cost, but it’s minimal (think $2.99/month!). You can have creative expression, be part of a community, and have a super cheap hobby!!

You Can Make Money Doing It

If you are a stay at home mom and want to bring in a little income with your new hobby, blogging is an easy way to do that!!

Now, it will take some time to build up a following and get enough traction to make your first buck. It is definitely NOT a get rich quick scheme, BUT if you are having fun with it anyway, might as well make some money while you’re at it!

Ok, But How??

So I have convinced you to start a blog now right?? Yes? Ok, cool! To get started all you need to do is choose whether or not you want to start a free blog (using WordPress or Squarespace). The decision is totally up to you, however, it makes most sense to me to use a hosting service. You have more freedom to make your blog your own, AND have the ability to make a little extra money! Why not skip the starbucks once a month and spend that money investing in a blog!

If you choose to go with a hosting site, there are lots to choose from! Bluehost, Ionos, Hostgator, and Dreamhost are just a few that you could choose from. I personally use Hostinger! I looked at all the sites, went through as if I was going to purchase each one and landed on Hostinger. To me, they had the best bang for your buck and lower start up costs than some of the others.

After you choose your Hosting site, all you have to do is set up your blog and start writing!! I easily set up my site with the WordPress integration and got to work! Hostinger makes it easy with step by step instructions that walk you through it all!

Now you know why every SAHM should start a blog!!

So go for it! Start your blog today and enjoy the fun of having a new hobby!!

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  1. Such an excellent idea for stay-at-home moms to start blogging on subjects they have passion and knowledge about. Thanks for the helpful information and links.

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